Fund Managers are under ever increasing pressure to maximize returns, so they require portfolio management software that can manage and monitor a complex set of global investments. Financial Software Systems' products can be integrated with multiple trading platforms to provide real-time position management across multiple assets and derivatives with fully integrated settlement and accounting functionality.

Spectrum Treasury

Spectrum Treasury provides a complete solution for managing foreign exchange, fixed income, equity, and derivative contracts. Upon trade execution positions are instantly updated in Spectrum to provide real-time data to all traders across a network. The turn-key Spectrum solution provides a highly functional web-portal which can be easily integrated into any technical environment. Spectrum provides a high performance solution to facilitate substantial daily trading volumes and open positions.

• Complete and Fully Integrated Front, Middle and Back-Office Functionality
• Comprehensive Financial Instrument Coverage
• Flexible Integration with Dealing Systems (Bloomberg, EBS & Reuters)
• Real-Time Position, P&L, Cashflow, Risk Management and Hedging Blotters
• Straight-Through-Processing with User-Defined Workflows
• Integrated Back-Office Providing Confirmations, Payments and Sub-Ledger Accounting
• Full Support for SWIFT and CLS
• Real-Time Limit Monitoring for Counterparties, Traders, Countries and Currencies


Built on Web service standards, Microsoft .NET-connected software makes the "real-time" enterprise a reality by enabling information to flow seamlessly, from Front- to Back-Office. Real-time processing delivers incredible value for on-line Portfolio Analytics, comprehensive Credit Limits and Collateral Management, and Desktop Alerts, all without having to wait while the system is updated. Using .NET-connected software also means users work more efficiently through the use of highly automated processes, with less time devoted to manual intervention or reconciliation.

• Built Using Microsoft .NET Technology
• Programming Languages are C# and C
• 4-Tiered Architecture for Speed, Reliability and Scalability
• Choice of MS SQL Server or Sybase for the Database
• Comprehensive Data Publishing
• Horizontally Scalable
• Seamless Integration via XML, with Standard Interfaces to Trading and Accounting Systems
• Highly Secure for Internal Operations and for Web Publishing