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The margin trading space has become increasingly competitive in recent years.  In order to maintain and expand market share, banks and brokers differentiate themselves along three major dimensions.  First, they can offer an array of financial products to their clients.  Second, they can offer attractive (lower) margin charges by utilizing sophisticated real-time margin calculations.  Third, they can offer superior levels of professionalism and client experience.   At the same time, they must balance these competitive demands with sound risk management practices to ensure that the bank is not exposed to excessive credit risk.  Financial Software Systems has the only margin trading solution on the market that offers all of these benefits.


MarginTrac provides a total solution for managing margin trading for foreign exchange contracts. MarginTrac incorporates collateral tracking, position tracking, real-time data-feeds for collateral and position revaluation, and real-time calculation of margin requirements. MarginTrac enables users to conduct real-time on-line checks against the current value of a client's collateral. Upon trade execution, positions are instantly updated to provide real-time data to all traders across a network. The turn-key MarginTrac solution provides a highly functional web-portal which can be easily integrated into any technical environment. MarginTrac provides a high performance solution to facilitate substantial trading volumes.

• Real-Time Collateral and Credit Limit Monitoring
• Pre-Trade Margin and Limit Checks
• Flexible and Comprehensive Collateral Management
• Full Client Account Support
• Multi-Lingual Client Statements, Margin Calls and Transaction Confirmations
• Scalable Architecture for Robust Performance and Very High Transaction Volumes
• Integrated Web Publishing of Positions, Risk, Trades and Account Summaries

Built on Web service standards, Microsoft .NET-connected software makes the "real-time" enterprise a reality by enabling information to flow seamlessly, from Front- to Back-Office. Real-time processing delivers incredible value for on-line Portfolio Analytics, comprehensive Credit Limits and Collateral Management, and Desktop Alerts, all without having to wait while the system is updated. Using .NET-connected software also means users work more efficiently through the use of highly automated processes, with less time devoted to manual intervention or reconciliation.

• Built Using Microsoft .NET Technology
• Programming Languages are C# and C
• 4-Tiered Architecture for Speed, Reliability and Scalability
• Choice of MS SQL Server or Sybase for the Database
• Comprehensive Data Publishing
• Horizontally Scalable
• Seamless Integration via XML, with Standard Interfaces to Trading and Accounting Systems
• Highly Secure for Internal Operations and for Web Publishing