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To stay competitive, banks require complete integration of all work flows - from Deal Capture to General Ledger Accounting. Banks also require their Treasury processes to be completely automated. Finally, most require instrument coverage over a broad range of asset classes to minimize their investment in multiple systems. Financial Software Systems has been perfecting its approach to treasury software for over 15 years. All our software products are fully integrated across Front, Middle and Back-Office functions and support a comprehensive set of financial instruments. Our software can be configured to meet your needs and budget, and can be interfaced with any dealing, risk management or accounting system.

Spectrum Treasury

Spectrum Treasury provides a complete solution for managing foreign exchange, fixed income, equity, and derivative contracts. Upon trade execution positions are instantly updated in Spectrum to provide real-time data to all traders across a network. The turn-key Spectrum solution provides a highly functional web-portal which can be easily integrated into any technical environment. Spectrum provides a high performance solution to facilitate substantial daily trading volumes and open positions.

• Complete and Fully Integrated Front, Middle and Back-Office Functionality
• Comprehensive Financial Instrument Coverage
• Flexible Integration with Dealing Systems (Bloomberg, EBS & Reuters)
• Real-Time Position, P&L, Cashflow, Risk Management and Hedging Blotters
• Straight-Through-Processing with User-Defined Workflows
• Integrated Back-Office Providing Confirmations, Payments and Sub-Ledger Accounting
• Full Support for SWIFT and CLS
• Real-Time Limit Monitoring for Counterparties, Traders, Countries and Currencies


The Spectrum Back-Office System provides the comprehensive back-office functionality that many front-office systems often lack. With flexible integration capabilities, users can have Straight-Through-Processing as trades are captured from one or multiple front-office dealing systems. Covering the full range of financial products, Spectrum Back-Office manages trade confirmations, payments, settlements, accounting, statements and all maintenance activities. Through user-configurable workflows, payments and confirmations can all be managed automatically based on existing internal policies. Some of the largest banks, fund managers, and brokerages rely on Spectrum Back-Office for its comprehensive instrument coverage, flexible configuration, and efficient processing.

• Flexible Integration for Front-Office Connectivity
• Real-Time Straight-Through-Processing with User-Defined Workflows
• Full Trade Processing Functionality for Confirmations, Payments, and Accounting
• Full Support for SWIFT and CLS
• Ongoing Transaction Maintenance Activities Such as Coupon Payments and Rate Resets
• Real-Time Nostro and Vostro Account Management
• Seamless Integration With Common General Ledgers


CashTrac is an advanced banknote management system that supports wholesale and retail trading of banknotes and coins. CashTrac enables users to manage banknote transactions at the vault level, at the branch level, and at the teller level. Currency exposures that are generated from both wholesale and retail trading are immediately reflected in front-office blotters. At the vault and branch levels real-time blotters reflect changes in cash balances and bank note inventories as quickly as transactions are recorded, enabling managers and tellers to track inventory and exposures in real-time. Users can easily and quickly print confirmations of retail transactions at the time a transaction is executed.

• Full Support of Wholesale and Retail Bank Note Trading
• Web Portal for Remote Users to Capture Retail Bank Note Trades
• Real-time Monitors to View Bank Note Inventory and Cashflows
• Full Back-Office Including Nostro Accounts and Integration With SWIFT
• Capable of Producing Multi-Lingual and Multi-Part Trade Confirmation Tickets
• Capable of Generating Daily and Monthly General Ledger Accounting Entries
• Extendable to Other Instruments, Including Drafts, Wires and Travelers Cheques


Spectrum Warehouse is a comprehensive and integrated cross-product trade management platform. Within one integrated platform clients' Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Fixed Income, Equity and Derivative positions can be monitored in real-time. The robust Spectrum Warehouse architecture facilitates the traders' or relationship managers' ability to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction through the ability to monitor all client positions, no matter the asset class. Trade details captured in almost any front-office solution can be automatically passed along to the Spectrum Warehouse, providing real-time monitoring of both credit and collateral limits, and automated notification of any limit breach.

• Global Cross-Product Trade and Risk Management
• Comprehensive Coverage of FX, Interest Rate, Equity and Derivative Instruments
• Real-Time Collateral and Credit Limit Monitoring with Pre-Trade Margin and Limit Checks
• Flexible Integration with Multiple Front-Office and Back-Office Systems
• Fast Execution and Volume Scalability While Preserving Pre-Netted Trade Details
• Integrated Web Publishing for Comprehensive Reporting
• Highly Professional Multi-Lingual Correspondence including Online Statements, SMS and Email Notifications


Built on Web service standards, Microsoft .NET-connected software makes the "real-time" enterprise a reality by enabling information to flow seamlessly, from Front- to Back-Office. Real-time processing delivers incredible value for on-line Portfolio Analytics, comprehensive Credit Limits and Collateral Management, and Desktop Alerts, all without having to wait while the system is updated. Using .NET-connected software also means users work more efficiently through the use of highly automated processes, with less time devoted to manual intervention or reconciliation.

• Built Using Microsoft .NET Technology
• Programming Languages are C# and C
• 4-Tiered Architecture for Speed, Reliability and Scalability
• Choice of MS SQL Server or Sybase for the Database
• Comprehensive Data Publishing
• Horizontally Scalable
• Seamless Integration via XML, with Standard Interfaces to Trading and Accounting Systems
• Highly Secure for Internal Operations and for Web Publishing